Sunday, 4 March 2012

Day 61/366

After being without a camera for a couple of days my daughter kindly lent me her Olympus Tough TG 310. She also has a Nikon Coolpix, but lost the charger, so I just went on Ebay and ordered one for $22.99. Then the Nikon will be mine....and it's pink,  so I am extra happy :)
Anyway the Olympus has a couple of cool effects, this pic is using Pop Art and it is of a piece of machinery in the factory of one of my clients.
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  1. You funny girl... I like Pink too and am extra happy when things are pink :)
    It's good to be girly.

    Is that a drill press? Interesting shot.
    Enjoy the camera!

  2. Love how the green machine stands out from the reddish background.
    It's fun playing with effects.


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