Monday, 30 July 2012

Days 205 - 211/366

Day 205/366

Baking time - Chocolate Coconut Slice and a Carrot Cake :)

Day 206/366

Snowflakes and a very interesting driveway.

Sunrise on our morning walk.

Day 208/366

I ran into the Post Office ,narrowly avoiding a soaking, and look what was there by the time I came out!

Day 209/366

We only have a small crop of lemons this year.

Day 210/366

An Aloe Vera flower bud peeking through the spiky leaves.

Day 211/366

I'm still renovating the bedside drawers - these are the feet in between coats of varnish. 

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Days 197 - 204/366

Day 197/366

This was the first day I was well enough to take a walk and it was a beautiful day. 2 Military Helicopters flew by whilst we were walking along the beach so I took a quick snap. I also found this skeltonised leaf and thought it looked quite special with the sun shining through it.

Day 198/366

This is part of a quilt that I have been working on for a looonnnggg's a Block of Month called "Girls Day Out".  I am determined to finish it this year :)

Day 199/366

I am so grateful to be back out walking in the mornings.  The sun was rising as we went around the headland.

Day 200/366

Wow, Day 200!  I wished I had have realised it on the day, as I would have tried a bit harder to find something interesting for this milestone.  Coffee or tea anyone?  These two enormous mugs hang out in the back of the factory part of the office I work in on Wed and Thurs.

Day 201/366

Lots of textures here.

Day 202/366

Driving home from work with no photo taken, I spotted this band of apricot fluffy clouds as the sun set.

Day 203/366

Apologies but here is another photo of Coco.  I was hanging out the washing and spotted her hiding behind the lattice near the vegie patch..a quick sprint to grab my camera and a bemused cat posed for a photo.  I do think cats are so photogenic :)

Day 204/366

I started another of my "gunna"  projects today, sanding back our bedside drawers to re vamp them.  I love my sander, the only power tool that I have ever bought and fiercely guard (heh heh).  I have refurbished quite a few things and when I get  half way through any project I always wonder what on earth I was thinking.   So I forced myself to keep on sanding until it was all finished with the reward of a cup of tea at the end.  Stay tuned for the finished articles...fingers crossed my idea works :)

Saturday, 14 July 2012

I'm back. Days 184 - 188/366

The 'flu has passed through our house, getting 3 out of the 4 of us.  It was very nasty.
I am trying to catch up on my photos, these are from 2 weeks ago and I didn't take any last week, so I am very behind.  I will try to catch up on everyone's blogs over the next few days too.

Day 184/366

My least favourite chore....ironing. I had a big pile but you can probably tell what I really wanted to do by my sewing machine in the background.  It had to wait.

Day 185/366

Spotted on the way home from a client.

Day 186/366

A Camellia from our garden, the photo does not do it justice.

Day 187/366

My favourite of the week.  I spotted this little family whilst at a clients, I grabbed my camera and then ran as quickly as possible up the road to get ahead of them without scaring them.  I felt like the Paparazzi in pursuit of a celebrity!  The ducks were not amused. :)

Day 188/366

It's finished!

Sunday, 8 July 2012

The flu strikes...again

I'm sad to say I am not up to posting my photos for the past week. We've had a nasty flu virus going around the family and it has got me too. I've been sick so many times this winter and I just don't seem to able to get well enough to fight the next nasty. Enough of my complaining ... I am using my IPad to post this message,it's great to use when your horizontal, but I can't upload my photos from my camera with it, so I'll do that when I'm up and about again.

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Days 176-183/366

Day 176/366

I was sitting on a rock looking out for whales whilst my hubby was fishing (yes, he is obsessed with fishing :) ).  The whales were too far away to photograph, but this Bee wasn't!

Day 177/366

It was looking like a no-photo-inspiration kind of day, until my daughter showed me her new shoes. Wowee!  I did try them on, (I couldn't help myself) , and wished I could still wear killer heels.   They were surprisingly comfortable...whilst I was standing still  :)

Day 178/366

A bit of a contrast to the last photo, but this was the best I could come up with today.  Someone dumped this old wooden ladder at the back of my client's workplace.

Day 179/366

My client has left his stock van with me whilst he is away, so I made the most of the opportunity to take a photo of these little critters :)

Day 180/366

Hmmm,I  can't think of any to say about this other than I was struggling for an interesting photo today, can you tell?

Day 181/366

Fungus on a Pandanus tree, spotted on a walk after work to celebrate the fact that it was Friday!

Day 182/366

All the housework was done and I was all alone in the I took advantage and did a little bit of quilting on my Mum's birthday quilt. :)

Day 183/366

 After a busy weekend of family stuff with a lovely visit from my stepdaughter and her friends, my hubby decided to indulge in his other  I jumped at the chance to have a stroll around the course with him, with my camera, as it is a haven for wildlife and I wasn't disappointed.  My first encounter was with a very friendly Black Swan that spent ages near me feeding in the weeds, preening and making little noises.  I was a bit apprehensive at first because they can be cantankerous creatures, but this one was rather sweet.
I then spotted a Mum and Bub Kangaroo, the young one had it's head in the Mum's pouch having a little feed.  They were not at all worried by my presence and carried on with their business for quite a while before the baby lifted it's head out of the pouch.
My final treat was to spot a Koala that was actually awake!
Oh yes the golf was OK too ;)