Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Days 261-267/366

Day 261

The Frangipani trees are showing signs of waking up after winter.  There are tiny leaves at the tips of the finger like branches.

Day 262

Day 263

Putting on a few more borders.

Day 264

Day 265

I love this plant! It's a Brunfelsia or Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow. 

Day 266

A cheeky little Pee Wee kept me company whilst I hung out the washing.

Day 267

It was our Wedding Anniversary today. We spent a couple of hours on the beach in the late afternoon, hubby was fishing and I went for a walk, taking lots of photos.  Here's a few...

This last shot was taken whilst we were heading home.  We were sitting in our car on the vehicular ferry that crosses our local river.  The setting sun was glowing through the window of the operators booth.

Monday, 17 September 2012

Days 253 - 260/366

Day 253/366

I spotted this rusting old concrete mixer when we were buying some garden soil.  Photo taken on my mobile phone.

Day 254/366

We have refreshed our vegie patch with more soil and compost.   It's looking good with new plantings of snowpeas, lettuces, beans and tomatoes.

Day 255/366

This is my mammoth UFO.  I still have quite a lot of embroidery to go on the blocks, but thought I would piece a border or too to re inspire me to finish this quilt.

Day 256/366

More interesting bark.

Day 257/366

Our Lime Tree is full of blossoms and tiny little fruits. The perfume is divine :)

Day 258/366

The gorgeous pom pom flowers and raspberry-like buds of the Calliandra at the side of our house.

Day 259/366

Sunset on the Northern Breakwall.

Day 260/366

The maiden voyage of our kayak on the Wilson River at Telegraph Point.

Monday, 10 September 2012

Days 246 to 252/366

Day 246/366

This isn't the best photo of a Rainbow Lorrikeet but as they are proving to be quite elusive subjects for me,  it will have to do.   They are extra noisy at the moment as their thoughts turn to finding a mate.  They  make such a racket in our flowering trees at home. 

Day 247/366

The contrast of the smooth bump and the rippling bark caught my eye.

Day 248/366

This is a Strangler Fig in a small rainforest area that we pass through on our walk to the beach.

Day 249/366

The sand has shifted again on "our" beach and has revealed a wonderful array of shells and pebbles.

Day 250/366

Our garden is full of surprises and I love to do the rounds to see what's in bloom each week.  I spotted these Pink Rock Orchids hiding amongst the Bromeliads.

Day 251/366

Day 252/366

My friend and I took time out from the housework to take a trip to Kempsey to the Macleay Quilters Inc exhibition.  It was such a treat to see the beautiful quilts, have a delicious lunch and make a little purchase of a pincushion pattern.  This quilt in the cafe area caught my eye , it has 118 different fabrics and the tiniest of pieces.

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Days 239-245/366

Day 239/366

We landed back in Oz and drove straight to the South Coast for a family celebration.  This is the old Kiama Infants school which has been restored and is used for conferences as part of the Sebel Hotel.

Day 240/366

Here's Mum and I with the birthday quilt I made for her.  Day 240 was a hectic one indeed, it was actually my husbands birthday so we had morning tea on the South Coast with Mum, drove for nearly 2 hours to Sydney for lunch with my step daughter  and then drove another 5 hours to our home on the Mid North Coast to meet up with my sisters-in-law who are visiting from overseas.  They had prepared a delicious birthday dinner.  What a treat for weary travellers. Yum!

Day 241/366

Our Azaleas are putting on a lovely show this year.  It's back to work today, ho hum.

Day 242/366

Oh dear, I have had so much work to catch up on that I forgot to take a photo today.  But as it is my Mum's actual 70th birthday today, I thought I could  "light" some candles on her birthday cake on my blog...Happy Birthday Mum.

Day 243/366

 Paperclips in fancy dress

Day 244/366

Locally grown veges for dinner

Day 245/366

Here's my finished renovation project...now I need to paint the wall.

That's it I'm up to date with my photos, but not at all up to date with enjoying everyone else's in our challenge.  I shall endeavour to visit all your blogs over the next few days :)

Days 233-238/366

Our holiday....we had a week in Port Vila, Vanuatu.  It is a beautiful country with delightful people. Here are just a few of the things that caught my eye;

Day 233/366

We are on our way :)

Day 234/366

A billboard in Port Vila with a tempting promise to make you into the perfect woman - all with a piece of jewellery!

Days 235 - 238/366

In no particular order...
Wash day.

Samson, our guide for the day, was keen to demonstrate how friendly every creature is on Vanuatu.  He plucked an enormous spider from it's web and stuck it on his head.  If you look at Samson's T-Shirt you can see the spider trying to make a quick getaway.

 Last day :(


Grab a cuppa, I've got lots to share!

I'm back and eager to share with you the photos I have taken over the last 3 weeks. You probably should make that cuppa and sit down, it's going to take a while :)

Days 226 - 232/366

Day 226

Spring is in the air!  I wasn't "shooting from the hip" but rather from the ankle as I held the camera low to take a photo up our steep street.

Day 227

Sunrise on my favourite windswept tree, with hubby in the background looking for whales.

Day 228

Birthday quilt time at our craft group ( minus one member ).  The birthday girl is 2nd from left and I am in the middle.

Day 229

Ah, Jasmine, it's one of those nostalgia flowers for me.  One whiff and I'm 14 again at my friend's place getting ready for our first school disco - her front verandah was covered in Jasmine :)

Day 231

This is a much better photo of our Camellia than one I posted previously.

Day 232

We got the suitcases down to start packing for our holiday and found a hitch hiker.  I think Coco knows there is something afoot.