Monday, 26 November 2012

Days 319 to 331/366

I am sorry that I have been offline for the past couple of weeks.  We have had a lot of family things happening,  good and bad.  Some days I didn't get the opportunity to take a photo, but here's what I did take;

Day 321

This is the flower of the Cunjevoi plant that grows prolifically in our neighborhood as we have an area of rainforest nearby that runs down to the beach.  They produce these yellow flowers and the spike then develops red berries that the birds love.

Days 323 to 325

We took a trip to Sydney for family reasons and to have a really big treat of seeing Cirque du Soleil perform Ovo.  The show was fabulous!  We did attempt to visit Taronga Zoo as well and got as far as the front gates, but realised we didn't have enough time when we saw the queue for husband has never been, so we will have to keep it on our list of things to do when in Sydney.
Here are a few photos from our visit;

A tiny busker, drumming away in Chinatown - you can just see his neck under the music stand. 
The entrance to Taronga Zoo - the only bit we saw!

The Cirque du Soleil Big Top
Inside the Big Top - ( this is what I really look like Robyn, not that odd looking photo on Facebook - not sure what my hairdresser was thinking that day!)

Beautiful Sydney Harbour                                                  

Day 326/366

My daughter's Year 12 Formal. We had a shaky start to the day and I thought we just might not make it, but it all turned out lovely.  She was chauffeured in a Mercedes Benz by one of my lovely clients and walked the red carpet on her father's arm.  She bought her dress online and then sequinned it herself.

Day 327/366

Spotted this lovely Buddleia or Buddleja on my morning walk

Day 328/366

I picked up a computer from the repairer's house this morning and as I looked to the right when reversing out the driveway I found myself face-to-face with this cute bundle!

Day 329/366

Not to be outdone by our other cactus, this one has decided to flower as well.  First time ever!

Day 330/366

Day 331/366

I gave this a "Monet-esque" type of feel with a hazy border.

I will try and visit your blogs over the next few days to catch up on all that I have missed.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Days 309 to 318/366

Day 309

A bit of editing using the blurring tool.  This Chinese Indigo plant grows all over our garden, flowering in the warmer months.  . I am leaning over the edge of the pool to get this shot - lucky I didn't fall in :)

Day 310

Tried a bit of foundation piecing for a Secret Santa gift

Day 311

Work in progress

Day 312

I was so excited to watch these dolphins playing in the surf this morning.  My little camera doesn't really do action shots, but I am very happy to have captured a little bit of this wonderful sight.

Day 313

A little visitor to my office.

Day 314

These Giant White Spider Lilies grow along the beaches near home.

Day 315

Spotted this little jewelled bug in the greenery.

Day 316

My favourite flower is starting to come into bloom :)

Day 317

Day 318


Sunday, 4 November 2012

Days 303 to 308/366

Day 303

How well camouflaged is this bird?  After consulting our Birds of Australia book, we think it might be a Figbird

Day 304

Our vegie patch is producing results!

Day 305

Day 306

Too many family dramas happening to take a photo today, so here is a progress photo of my long running UFO.  I managed to find an hour for myself the other day and pieced some of the blocks.  I still have one large block to embroider and lots of piecing to do, but I am one step closer :)

Day 307

A bracing walk in the wind after work blew away those cobwebs.  The sand was stinging our legs as we pushed forwards.

Day 308

My daughter had a "thing" about cacti when she was younger.  The fascination remains, but she has much more interesting things in her life now :)  This is one of her survivors and it's going to flower soon.