Saturday, 23 June 2012

Days 169 - 175/366

As you know I have had a few camera dramas, so there a few gaps this week, but the good news is that I purchased a cheap Nikon Coolpix digital camera to get me by until I have saved up enough for a better camera.  I was very pleased to negotiate a good price The Good Guys :) So here's my week, sometimes using a borrowed camera and then using my new one...

Day 170/366

This was taken with my daughter's Olympus. I couldn't work out how to turn the flash off, hence the look of this photo which I am not keen on.

Day 172/366

Chilly weather is a great reason to don a scarf! I made this a couple of years ago when this bobbly wool was all the rage.  I just love the colours and am very happy when it's cold enough to wear it :)

Day 173/366

Coco loves a game and will wait patiently for someone to play with her.  Her latest game is to chase the reflections our watches make on the walls with the morning sun. 

Day 174/366

My Friday workplace...a metal fabricators.  The contrast of  rusty and shiny caught my eye.

Day 175/366

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Days 163-168/366

Day 163/366

Slip stitching the binding to the special '0' quilt.

Day 164/366

I debated whether this was in good taste, so please accept my sincere apology if you find this a bit offensive.  This is my feet having some acupuncture.  My husband is an Acupuncturist and I was lucky to "pin him down" to giving me a treatment in between his patients.

Day 165/366

It was a very chilly morning and Coco got up, had her breakfast and went straight back to bed on her favourite blanket  :)

Day 166/366

This one's for you Sweet Pea!  Another neglected fan in the warehouse of my Wed/Thurs workplace. 

Days 167 - 168/366

Disaster has struck camera has broken!  That's 2 this year :(  Admittedly both cameras were on their way out, but after seeking some advice from the local camera shop neither is worth the high cost of repairing.  So I am not sure what to do at the moment.  I have sweet talked my daughter into borrowing hers, but as the most recent one to break was her old camera, perhaps that is not a good idea.  Stay tuned....

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Days 156 - 162/366

Here are some things that caught my eye this week;

Day 156/366

This week starts with an ocean shot and ends with an ocean shot. 
It's been a bit too cold to get up early for a morning walk, so I have had a few afternoon walks.  Today I could hear the rumbling of thunder and when I rounded the headland saw a perfect fork of lightening from a blue/black cloud ahead. What a great photo opportunity I thought and then stood there for 20 mins, finger hopefully poised on the shutter....nothing.  So here it is -  a storm cloud.  I made it home just before the rain started :)

Day 157/366

I love buttons!  Here's just a few that are in my button box.

 Day 158/366

This is the filter in an empty water dispenser in my Wednesday office.  The photo wasn't the best quality as it showed all the scratches on the plastic tank, so I used a bit of Picasa editing with the Pencil Sketch option to make it more interesting.

Day 159/366

You can probably tell I am struggling for interesting subjects on Wednesdays and's today's offering - a rusty fan :)

Day 160/366

Two views of one of the many  Bromeliads that we have around the garden.  

Day 161/366

Not sure what this plant is but I spotted the first little floweret on this spray of buds.

Day 162/366

A cold and blustery Sunday.  I ventured out with my hubby again to his special fishing spot.  We have had a week of king tides and huge surf so the sea has thrown back lots of logs and trees on the beach. 

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Days 150 -155/366

A Hit 'n' Miss kind of week - some photos OK and some not, but here they are anyway :)

Day 150/366

This one's a "miss".   I had a very late afternoon walk and saw the last of the day's light ahead.  Using the camera's preset Dusk/Dawn setting, it magnified my camera shake.

Day 151/366

This was taken on my morning walk.  I don't know what the plant is but it looks a bit like a Tomato.  It doesn't look like the Possums or other creatures like it so perhaps it's poisonous.

Day 152/366

The framework of a portable shelter.

Day 153/366

The first official day of Winter and we are having a log fire :)

Day 154/366

The month of May was lovely, sunny days and cool nights but now the rain has returned.

Day 155/366

This rusted teapot is home to a cactus.  I just love the colours of the rust