Monday, 29 October 2012

Days 296 - 302

Day 296

I was watching some dogs and people on the beach below and then noticed a Superb Fairy Wren right in front of me.

Day 297

Like a Phoenix this Bougainvillea keeps "rising from the ashes" and reappearing in spite of my husbands efforts to destroy it :)

Day 298

This lizard was keeping a wary eye on me.

Day 299

Big seas and high winds at sunrise.

Day 300 !

Exploring the hillsides around the beach after work.

Day 301

Norfolk Island Pines edging a park near home.

Day 302

An unusual shot for me, given my complete lack of interest in sport, but yesterday we had a Half Ironman event.   I was walking to the shop to buy the Sunday newspaper and snapped these 3 coasting down the hill in readiness for the next big climb.

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Days 292-295/366

Day 292

It was a really low tide this afternoon, so we decided to have another walk down to the rockpools.  I have tweaked the colours of this starfish just a bit ;)

Day 293

Another afternoon walk after a long day of sitting at the computer.  Do you think this rock looks like a man's head in profile?

Day 294

Last night a neighbourhood dog chased Coco and she raced up one of our big trees.  I think she shocked herself at how high she was.  She has been very clingy today, not letting us out of her sight.  Here she is enjoying the sun next to the Buddha statue.

Day 295

This plump Blue Tongue Lizard was just snacking on a fallen Avocado from our tree.  We have had many of these lovely creatures in the past, even one who would run up for a treat of banana (which must taste heavenly after the usual diet of snails!). My husband also had to rescue two amorous Blue Tongues who fell into our pool whilst wooing each other :) 

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Days 282 - 291/366

Day 282

In the real world I am a Bookkeeper and have to do a number of hours training every year in order to retain my registration for doing some taxation things.  Here I am about to "attend" a webinar which is an online seminar.  The beauty of these is that I can train from the comfort of home and they can't see me, so I can wear what I like (slippers on my feet!) and have those same slippered feet up on the desk whilst sipping a cup of tea! 

Day 283

A while ago we decided to try to have one meat-free meal a week inspired by the Meat Free Monday campaign. We got a bit lazy and forgot all about it, but this week I was determined to give it a go again, but it was a Meat-Free Tuesday instead.  Here are some Kumara and Chick Pea Patties sizzling in the pan.

Day 284

Just how many electrical cords does one man need?  Spotted in my client's shed!

Day 285

It was felt quite eerie on our morning walk today.  The sky was heavy with a blanket of thick grey cloud.  The sun broke through momentarily and lucky for me I had my camera!

Day 286

An afternoon walk into town via our famous breakwall.  The rocks are canvasses for all kinds of art and commentary.

As we returned from our walk we saw a mother and baby whale just off the beach.  They were having a lovely time throwing themselves out of the water and "waving" to us with their fins.  I know my little camera is not capable of capturing a great photo of them, but I just wanted to show you that they were there :)

Day 287

We had some noisy visitors in our tree today.  Four Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoos spent some time ripping off the bark of our tree .  We usually only see them once a year in the tree, but their distinctive call can be heard often and is considered to be a sign that rain is on the way.  Sadly for us no rain came.

Day 288

We are watering our garden with rain stored in our water tank as it is so dry at the moment.  I spotted these baby fern fronds in our Birds Nest Fern.

Day 289

No photo today :(  I spent most of the day on the phone to the Tax Office trying to sort out a software problem.  After 6 calls to 6 different people (who were all very nice) and reinstalling the software 6 times, I lost any inspiration for photography!  The problem still hasn't been sorted, but my issue has now been "escalated" to a Level 2 lets hope that makes all the difference :)

Day 290

The smoke in the atmosphere from back burning made this red sunrise quite spectacular.

Day 291

We have flowers on our Snow Pea plants :)  And my software problem was finally resolved by the tax office computer boffins, hooray!

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Days 275 -281/366

Day 275

I visited the Camden Haven Quilters exhibition with some friends.  I was very taken with the quilting on this log cabin quilt.

Day 276

Cutting out some scrappy patches for my UFO

Day 277

Baby bananas.

Day 278

The mornings are quite smokey from back burning for bushfire prevention.

Day 279

Driving home from work, there was a vivid red sunset.  This was the best I could do with my mobile phone.

Day 280

Ho hum, I had too much housework to do so didn't get a chance to take a photo.  Here's another quilt from the Camden Haven Quilters to enjoy instead.

Day 281

It's blowing a gale today but this little fellow was quite snug on the lower limb of the tree in our street.

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Days 268-274/366

Day 268

I made this "Mug Rug" for a friend who loves Keith Urban.

Day 269

I spotted this little fellow sitting on the grass verge next to one of my clients' workplaces.  I was heading out to get a coffee, but dashed back to grab my camera after seeing the rabbit scamper under the fence. 

Day 270

My daughter and I had an Artists Date (see Julia Cameron's "The Artist's Way") to our local Gallery to see 3 different exhibitions.  The top two photos are from The Cicada and The Honey Ant
and the last photo is from Northern Exposure II an exhibition of 50 local artists.

Day 271

Sushi Train!!

Day 272

Another wildlife shot...we were stuck in traffic and had the pleasure of watching this large family waddle along the side of the road.  I counted 15 babies and 2 harassed parents. - Dad is out of shot bringing up the rear.

Day 273

Day 274

I was inspired by Sweet Pea's teacup post  to post a photo of my favourite teacup.  Somehow I have created a ritual of using it on Sunday mornings.  It was part of a dinner set given to my parents as a wedding present.