Sunday, 5 August 2012

Days 212-218/366

Day 212/366

I have a spare butterfly from my Mum's quilt and was thinking of using it for a label. It's a bit too big.

Day 213/366

This artwork is called "Folly" by Rick Reynolds and is situated on Windmill Hill, Port Macquarie.  Windmill Hill was originally called Gillman's Folly until a windmill was built on the site in 1825 to grind wheat and corn for government contracts.  The artwork represents the wooden shaft and stone grinding wheels.  I love it.

Day 214/366

At the risk of being very boring, here is another sunrise and ocean shot. The seas were huge.  My morning or afternoon walks are the highlight of my day as I generally spend the rest of it in front of a computer.  I am so fortunate to live in such a beautiful part of the world.

Day 215/366

Sunrise and our Magpie was singing sweetly, whilst standing on one leg.  What balance!

Day 216/366

The sky produced some wonderful colours today.  The sunrise was amazing but the day was cold and grey.  A late afternoon burst of sun and then a beautiful mauve dusk.  This little yacht was all alone and looked rather lovely - for some reason it made me think of the movie "Mama Mia"

Day 217/366

Ever wondered why it says No Hot Ashes on the top of our rubbish bins?  Ah, well,  here is the reason...
My husband cleaned out our fire from the night before and thought the ashes were cold.  Some time later I thought I could smell smoke and when we went outside we found thick black smoke and flames shooting skywards where our bin used to stand. Luckily this was the only damage, and thank goodness it wasn't we just have to explain our mishap to the local council so we can buy another bin, oops!  :)

Day 218/366

The Firebug and I took a few hours off this morning to visit The Not So Secret Fishing Spot.  It's great, he gets to fish and I get to explore the area with my trusty little camera.  Today I spotted busy bees in the Wattle bushes and a wonderful tree trunk encrusted with barnacles :)


  1. Helen, I never tire of your ocean views and sunset / sunrise photos... This one is especially beautiful and that mauve sunset... lovely! You are blessed to live in such a lovely part of Australia.

    I really like all of your photos this week.
    Sorry, had to laugh about the bin and the firebug comment... glad all is well though ;-)

    I adore the barnacle shots!! Wow!!!

  2. Thanks Robyn, the bin business has caused much laughter here too. I have just tried to get a fire going (in our wood fire heater) and it has gone out again...I said maybe I should just get a wheelie bin! LOL

  3. Thanks for the update...looks like it's been an exciting week!
    I just love magpie song in the morning, as the sunrises. We don't have many in our area but I'm thoroughly enjoying them while we're on holiday.


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