Monday, 7 January 2013

Summer holidays and sewing

It's Summer time here in Oz and most of my bookkeeping clients have been closed for the Christmas break so I have been indulging in some sewing.  

This mess is the start of a denim quilt for my Stepson who is about to leave home and start University.  I was inspired by this quilt on the Piece N Quilt blog .I ripped up the denim into lengths and by the time I had finished, my sewing room and I were covered in a fine layer of denim "dust".

Some days later I finished the quilt top.  It's just draped over a bed to test the size.

I plan on backing it very simply with flannelette sheeting as it is a very heavy quilt already.  I may even use a flannelette sheet, although I doubt there will be any in the shops at this time of the year.

In the meantime, I have received my first commission to make a quilt similar to the baby quilt I made in December. It will be a single bed size for a teenage girl.  The pattern is by Elizabeth Hartman at Oh, Fransson!. 

Here is the fabric




  1. Helen, good on you for doing some sewing. I'm finding it just too hot to do anything with my quilts and I'm so behind with them.
    I love the denim've done a great job on it. Also the colours of your commission look beautiful. Look forward to seeing the complete quilt.

  2. Wow love the denim quilt!!! Can't wait to see the commission quilt the colors are great!!


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