Monday, 1 April 2013

Happy Easter

It's a long post from me for a change. 
Here are my BaD blocks for the week, with some Easter Bunnies.  I loved working with my  favourite colours of teal and aqua,  unfortunately the photograph does not do them justice.

My sewing room/office has become my retreat and oasis whilst we are in the midst of some family dramas .
I started the year determined to try some new techniques, so I gave myself a treat by enrolling in an online class on the  Joggles website.  My class is a "Textured and Treated Reticule" by Christen Brown.  I  spent some happy hours yesterday, playing with fabric, yarns and a new product to me called "Texture Magic" which is a steam activated shrinking fabric.

Here are a few shots of my work so far

Twin Needle Stitching with rayon and metallic threads

Using "Texture Magic" on the back - before steaming with the iron
After steaming with the iron - amazing texture!

Couching threads and yarns

On Good Friday my daughter and I took a walk on the beach and poked around in the logs, trees and branches that have ended up on the shore after all our floods.  Some creative people have been making "sculptures" on the beach out of the wood

I'll close my post this week with a shot of my daughter on the beach.  She is on a Gap Year this year, working and traveling.  She  is off to Japan on Thursday for a 3 week holiday with a friend. Japan is her passion and she will be studying Japanese at University next year  It's her first overseas trip without a parent  and she is so excited. I am so happy for her, but a bit anxious as apron strings are getting very frayed , it's almost time to cut them off.


  1. Happy Easter Helly, love your sewing. Good on you for doing something for yourself.
    All the best for your daughter's new venture in life...sometimes it's more daunting for the parent than the child! xxx

  2. Hello Helen and wow! Love the textural sewing / creating you're doing !
    ..and the batiks. Yum!!
    Pretty challenge blocks this week. Aqua is one of my faves too.
    I'm glad you're able to find some quiet time. Thinking of you xx
    Happy Easter to you too :)

  3. PS I do hope your daughter has a ball!
    Yes an anxious time for Mum ((hug)) xx
    Cheeky daughter! ;)

  4. Your blocks are lovely. I really like the texture play you did. Hoping she has a wonderful time and that you find a good amount of peace while she is gone. Hopefully no frayed nerves for you.


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