Sunday, 9 October 2011

Being Creative Project - September Theme - Autumn

Spring has arrived in Australia with it's usual mix of hot, cold, wet and/or windy weather.  Autumn is usually much kinder with sunny hot days and cool nights - a welcome relief after the humid nights of Summer.  Where I live in Australia there are not many deciduous trees to show off their Autumn finery, but the few trees that do, never disappoint.
My inspiration for this month's  Being Creative Project by Julia Crossland did come from the traditional colours of Autumn - oranges and golds.   I made a leaf bowl from a pattern by Jill Buckley using three layers of fabric; a rich orange upholstery fabric, a layer of cotton wadding and some heavy gold organza.  The three layers were machine embroidered together.  I did have some trouble with some of the points :( but didn't have the time or the inclination to make another bowl when the family wanted to know what it was supposed to be for!

My second project was a tassle.  I am a bit of a tassle fan so this was a great excuse to add another one to my collection, using bits and pieces I have accumulated over the years.


  1. That leaf bowl is beautiful! I love the shape, colours, and textures. I really need to try machine embroidery!
    Helen x

  2. Wow! The leaf bowl is fantastic! I love the coulors! And I love tassels - before my little son grapped everything in his neath, there were a lot of them in our livingroom. Your autumn tassle with the glittered leaves is beautiful!

  3. These are really beautiful, especially the leaf bowl.

  4. Thanks for leaving the comment about my effort for Autumn. I just LOVE your leaf. This type of thing isn't something I can do... I may be imaginative when it comes to my writing, and I like to think I have a good sense of colour, but doing this type of thing is too much for me. I so admire ladies like you who can do it. It's beautiful, well done.


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