Saturday, 28 January 2012

Day 27/366

Here's a tiny baby lizard that my husband rescued from our pool. That's my pointer finger, just to show you how teeny weeny the lizard was.
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  1. So cute! This one must have just hatched. Would you believe I was just on my way out to photograph a little dragon ... I can't believe the coincidences I've encountered since starting this challenge! More than once I've not posted a pic because the subject matter was too similar to another in the challenge.!!!
    Oh and we have an outdoor sink with tap etc, and it's amazing how many reptiles were getting stranded in we have provided them with a timber ramp so that they can climb out.
    I think these ramps are available commercially specifically for swimming pools, not just for these creatures but for pets...such as cat and dogs who have fallen in and can swim to the edge but not actually climb out of pools without steps.
    Nice clear picture by the way.


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