Sunday, 22 April 2012

Days 106 to 113/366

I thought this time, as I am only getting time to post once a week, I would do it in one big post.  Not sure if this is good or not, so let me know what you think.
This week has been very very wet...again.. so the opportunities to take photographs have been a bit limited.  I was inspired by Sweet Pea's photo of Lilli Pillis (Day 105/366) to investigate and photograph all the berries that are in our garden at the moment.  So this week has an abundance of berry photographs.

Day 106/366

Day 107/366

Day 108/366

Day 109/366

A break from the berries for a day.  I saw this bright leaf in the gutter whilst on my morning walk in the rain.  We don't have many deciduous trees around here so the autumn leaves are extra special.  I came to Australia from the UK when I was 10 and still love to walk through any crunchy dry autumn leaves, just like I did when I was a child in England. Pity this one was too soggy.

Day 110/366

Back to the berries today, in the rain again.  I don't know what this berry/flower is but it is a favourite with the Koel bird that visits us every year. 

Day 111/366

A break in the weather with a beautiful rainbow!

Day 112/366

Battle for the rock!

Day 113/366

A fine and sunny Sunday,  so Hubby and I headed out for a drive this morning. He was looking for somewhere to go fishing off the beach, but the seas were just too rough.  The beaches were closed but the lifeguards still vigilant for the foolhardy that ignore the signs.
I did a bit of photo editing of these photos and couldn't decide which one I liked best, so here they both are;


  1. Cool pictures!! I like both shots with the edits!

  2. Gorgeous nature shots! I like both of the seascape shots as the top is rich with colour but the bottom one hightlights the lifeguard because the scenery is in muted colours.

  3. Helen, what a great variety of berries you have growing in your garden. I think the bottom one is called a Mickey Mouse Plant (not native to Australia).
    It's interesting the things that remind us of our childhood. Lavender bags take me right back to the 60s.
    I hope you have a few more days of warm sunny weather because it's turned awfully cold down here in the south.


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