Sunday, 22 July 2012

Days 197 - 204/366

Day 197/366

This was the first day I was well enough to take a walk and it was a beautiful day. 2 Military Helicopters flew by whilst we were walking along the beach so I took a quick snap. I also found this skeltonised leaf and thought it looked quite special with the sun shining through it.

Day 198/366

This is part of a quilt that I have been working on for a looonnnggg's a Block of Month called "Girls Day Out".  I am determined to finish it this year :)

Day 199/366

I am so grateful to be back out walking in the mornings.  The sun was rising as we went around the headland.

Day 200/366

Wow, Day 200!  I wished I had have realised it on the day, as I would have tried a bit harder to find something interesting for this milestone.  Coffee or tea anyone?  These two enormous mugs hang out in the back of the factory part of the office I work in on Wed and Thurs.

Day 201/366

Lots of textures here.

Day 202/366

Driving home from work with no photo taken, I spotted this band of apricot fluffy clouds as the sun set.

Day 203/366

Apologies but here is another photo of Coco.  I was hanging out the washing and spotted her hiding behind the lattice near the vegie patch..a quick sprint to grab my camera and a bemused cat posed for a photo.  I do think cats are so photogenic :)

Day 204/366

I started another of my "gunna"  projects today, sanding back our bedside drawers to re vamp them.  I love my sander, the only power tool that I have ever bought and fiercely guard (heh heh).  I have refurbished quite a few things and when I get  half way through any project I always wonder what on earth I was thinking.   So I forced myself to keep on sanding until it was all finished with the reward of a cup of tea at the end.  Stay tuned for the finished articles...fingers crossed my idea works :)


  1. Great pictures!! I'm with ya on the projects!!!

  2. Hi Helen, I've been off the air lately...bit too busy I'm afraid! Loved catching up on your challenge ...your photos always interest me with the variety you find! Especially catching is your tyre/hose photo and who can resist a cat with attitude? Some interesting perspectives happening.

  3. you funny girl... I know what you mean about getting halfway through projects... I am the same, so have become a 'finish nazi' lol over the years...
    Can't wait to see the result.

    Love your beachy photos and Coco... cats are adorable and my Kato is a cute black cat too ;)

    How are you feeling now? Picking up? Do hope so xx
    Oh... love that leaf... it is very special!!!


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