Sunday, 1 July 2012

Days 176-183/366

Day 176/366

I was sitting on a rock looking out for whales whilst my hubby was fishing (yes, he is obsessed with fishing :) ).  The whales were too far away to photograph, but this Bee wasn't!

Day 177/366

It was looking like a no-photo-inspiration kind of day, until my daughter showed me her new shoes. Wowee!  I did try them on, (I couldn't help myself) , and wished I could still wear killer heels.   They were surprisingly comfortable...whilst I was standing still  :)

Day 178/366

A bit of a contrast to the last photo, but this was the best I could come up with today.  Someone dumped this old wooden ladder at the back of my client's workplace.

Day 179/366

My client has left his stock van with me whilst he is away, so I made the most of the opportunity to take a photo of these little critters :)

Day 180/366

Hmmm,I  can't think of any to say about this other than I was struggling for an interesting photo today, can you tell?

Day 181/366

Fungus on a Pandanus tree, spotted on a walk after work to celebrate the fact that it was Friday!

Day 182/366

All the housework was done and I was all alone in the I took advantage and did a little bit of quilting on my Mum's birthday quilt. :)

Day 183/366

 After a busy weekend of family stuff with a lovely visit from my stepdaughter and her friends, my hubby decided to indulge in his other  I jumped at the chance to have a stroll around the course with him, with my camera, as it is a haven for wildlife and I wasn't disappointed.  My first encounter was with a very friendly Black Swan that spent ages near me feeding in the weeds, preening and making little noises.  I was a bit apprehensive at first because they can be cantankerous creatures, but this one was rather sweet.
I then spotted a Mum and Bub Kangaroo, the young one had it's head in the Mum's pouch having a little feed.  They were not at all worried by my presence and carried on with their business for quite a while before the baby lifted it's head out of the pouch.
My final treat was to spot a Koala that was actually awake!
Oh yes the golf was OK too ;)


  1. Wow Helen, what an interesting week of photographs! Can't believe you were able to spot all of that wildlife in one place. Especially the Koala. I'm loving your wonderful variety of photographs and couldn't help noticing the similarity between the toy & the nuts & bolts photos. So similar yet not.

  2. It really was an interesting week! Lots of critters and animals.. the most rewarding photos :-)
    Most enjoyable and I still love that you've got shoes and nuts and bolts in there too!

    Hope you're enjoying your camera!


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