Sunday, 4 November 2012

Days 303 to 308/366

Day 303

How well camouflaged is this bird?  After consulting our Birds of Australia book, we think it might be a Figbird

Day 304

Our vegie patch is producing results!

Day 305

Day 306

Too many family dramas happening to take a photo today, so here is a progress photo of my long running UFO.  I managed to find an hour for myself the other day and pieced some of the blocks.  I still have one large block to embroider and lots of piecing to do, but I am one step closer :)

Day 307

A bracing walk in the wind after work blew away those cobwebs.  The sand was stinging our legs as we pushed forwards.

Day 308

My daughter had a "thing" about cacti when she was younger.  The fascination remains, but she has much more interesting things in her life now :)  This is one of her survivors and it's going to flower soon. 

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  1. Helen, I love cacti for the amazing flowers they produce. Your garden looks like it's well into producing lots of yummy food. I've had a big struggle with the starlings this year and have had to resow some of my seeds.
    I've never heard of a figbird before, great catch! The female looks a lot like a wattle bird.
    Once again thanks for sharing your week with us. Hope your family dramas are not too serious. xxx


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