Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Days 309 to 318/366

Day 309

A bit of editing using the blurring tool.  This Chinese Indigo plant grows all over our garden, flowering in the warmer months.  . I am leaning over the edge of the pool to get this shot - lucky I didn't fall in :)

Day 310

Tried a bit of foundation piecing for a Secret Santa gift

Day 311

Work in progress

Day 312

I was so excited to watch these dolphins playing in the surf this morning.  My little camera doesn't really do action shots, but I am very happy to have captured a little bit of this wonderful sight.

Day 313

A little visitor to my office.

Day 314

These Giant White Spider Lilies grow along the beaches near home.

Day 315

Spotted this little jewelled bug in the greenery.

Day 316

My favourite flower is starting to come into bloom :)

Day 317

Day 318



  1. Wow some great shots!! I apologize for not commenting on your past pictures. I was having blood pressure & med issues!!

    1. Hi Tango,
      Lovely to hear from you, I do hope you are feeling much better now :)

  2. How lucky to have witnessed the dolphins!
    Your flora photos are great Helen, so sharp and great colour.
    Good luck with your foundation piecing ... this is something I haven't been brave enough to attempt.
    I hope you haven't been affected by the bad storms over the last couple of days. Keep safe.


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