Monday, 18 February 2013

17 days of the Block A Day Challenge

17 rainbow blocks    I have sewn my way through the pinks and reds and now I'm on to orange. 
Whilst working on the red blocks I noticed a distinct lack of red fabric in my stash, it has never been a favourite colour of mine and I struggled to find even the teeniest scrap to use.  Even the pack of rainbow moderns I ordered were a bit lacking on red fabrics, only 2 reds compared to 6 oranges.  Those juicy orange fabrics are right in front of me now demanding some onto block 18!


  1. And they look just so bright and cheery!!! I'm sure the orange ones also will look great with the rest of them!!

  2. They are so gorgeous Helen!!
    This is going to be a wonderful cheery quilt :)
    Looking forward to the next installment... ha ha

    I also love that they are all square in square? ..and yet all different as well xx


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