Wednesday, 13 February 2013

A night away has worked wonders

Last weekend we took our "new" camper/trailer (we bought it second or third hand just before Christmas) for our first night away in it.

We went to one of our favourite places, Hat Head, which is not too far away from home.

We wanted to test out the camper on a short trip in case there were any problems and we did encounter a few that will need a bit of attention, but nothing too dramatic. We also needed to have a little break from the stresses of work and family things.
We went bushwalking and swimming in the tidal creek, aren't these tree roots amazing under the water? 

I forgot to pack a lot of things including half of our dinner ingredients but that didn't matter too much as I had remembered to pack the chocolate!
Whilst away I had time to give my block choice some further thought and I have decided to keep going with my square rainbow blocks until I have enough for the quilt and then I will start making a different type of block...not sure what yet, but I have plenty of time to ponder on that.

I feel much happier now I have decided to continue with the rainbow blocks, especially when the fabrics I ordered arrived in the mail yesterday.


  1. Love the camper!! Roots are awesome!! I love your fabric colors too!!

  2. Fantastic pics Helen and I'm so glad you enjoyed your night away and some relaxation.
    Guess what?! We also bought a 2nd or 3rd hand camper over Christmas and we're going to do the same thing!!! lol
    Love those fabrics and am so looking forward to seeing more of your blocks :)

  3. So great to see your pictures. We use to have such a kind of camper... ;) ... and had a lot of fun in it!
    Now we own a 38 (!) year old caravan and just bought a new fronttent for it.... (must be crazy, I know.. :) ...).
    And we are so looking forward to try it out next summer!!
    Enjoy your gorgeous fabrics! Such bright and cheery colours!!
    Greetings from the Netherlands, Ria.

  4. Hello, Helen ;>)
    I'm so happy to subscribe to your lovely blog and of course delighted that we're part of the same BaD (block a day) challenge. FUN FUN FUN !
    Your fabrics are gorgeous and I just can't wait seeing your new blocks...

    Smiles from my little snowy, freezing corner (Belgium)

  5. Me again ;>)
    THANKS for visiting my blog and leaving a comment, I couldn't answer through your email, as you're set on "no reply"...



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