Saturday, 23 June 2012

Days 169 - 175/366

As you know I have had a few camera dramas, so there a few gaps this week, but the good news is that I purchased a cheap Nikon Coolpix digital camera to get me by until I have saved up enough for a better camera.  I was very pleased to negotiate a good price The Good Guys :) So here's my week, sometimes using a borrowed camera and then using my new one...

Day 170/366

This was taken with my daughter's Olympus. I couldn't work out how to turn the flash off, hence the look of this photo which I am not keen on.

Day 172/366

Chilly weather is a great reason to don a scarf! I made this a couple of years ago when this bobbly wool was all the rage.  I just love the colours and am very happy when it's cold enough to wear it :)

Day 173/366

Coco loves a game and will wait patiently for someone to play with her.  Her latest game is to chase the reflections our watches make on the walls with the morning sun. 

Day 174/366

My Friday workplace...a metal fabricators.  The contrast of  rusty and shiny caught my eye.

Day 175/366


  1. The black & white is my favourite! Also love the lines in the metal fabrication. Good to see that you're back on track and have a camera on hand. It's really a case of you don't know what you've got until it's gone!

  2. Hello Helen :D I'm a bit behind again presently and as usual I'm loving what you've found to photograph.
    Sorry for your camera issues but I'm so pleased you've found a small one for the interim... I bet you take some great photos with it.
    Cute Coco and lovely shot with her in the light.
    Gorgeous colours in that scarf and like the industrial type photos too, with their contrast and texture.
    Do enjoy this coming week with your new toy and look forward to you next shots! :D


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