Monday, 3 December 2012

Days 332- 339/366

It's getting harder and harder to take a photo everyday, I carry my camera around everywhere, but haven't seen anything new to capture for a while.  I will just have to keep looking!

Day 334

We have been waiting and waiting for our Hoya plant produce a flower, it has had buds for months and something is finally happening.  There are about 25 buds that are starting to wake up.

Day 336

Wow! It has been worth the wait, isn't this magnificent?

Day 337

Nearly finished...

Day 338

Fabric to make a little quilt for a baby.

Day 339


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  1. Yes, I agree's a busy time of the year too which doesn't help with the challenge.
    Still you manage to produce stunning photographs of beautiful flowers.
    Your sewing projects are coming along too. Don't forget to show us progress of your baby quilt. I love the selection of fabrics you have chosen and can't wait to see what you have planned.


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