Monday, 17 December 2012

Days 340-353/366

Its not called the silly season for nothing! I have been taking photos whenever I can ,but have not had time to sit down at the computer for long enough to upload them.   Here are a couple of week's worth of photos  :)

Day 340

It was a beautiful morning's walk down to the sea today.
Hmmm which way would you rather travel on the sea?  Paddling or riding in a comfy boat.

Day 341

Received one of my favourite magazines in the mail today!

Day 342

I had to alter a costume for my daughter for her final ballet performance with her dance school.  Can you tell who she will be?  Here's a clue - she lives with 7 Dwarfs ;)

Day 343


I had forgotten I had made these last year.

Day 344

I love the fan shapes of these grass seed heads.

Day 345

My daughter was dancing the role of Snow White (yes you guessed correctly!)  in her last ballet concert.  I had planned on taking a shot of her on pointe before the concert, but to be honest I was feeling a bit down about it all coming to an end.  Anyway, after the concert and a few tears from both of us, I asked her to put her shoes on at home out on the back steps.  I did a bit of fiddling with the photo for fun, but I can't remember exactly how I produced this result...silly me :)

Day 346

After an early start to the day courtesy of the cat (grrr), I managed to do a little bit of piecing of the baby quilt before I set of to work (yay!). Here it is laid out on the floor.  Thank you Coco the cat for a bit of extra creative time.

Day 347

Day 348

Day 349

All in a day's work.  I was taking photos to post to my client's facebook page (he sells showbags).  I just couldn't get either Scooby to look at the camera :))

Day 352

I have had this big idea to make my clients mini christmas cakes and biscuits,now I have just got to put the idea into practise.  Here is the dried fruit I am preparing.

Day 353

Breakfast time and I am feeding one of our blue tongue lizards some banana :)  I am just about to embark on a day of baking cakes and biscuits.  I will show you the results next post and in the meantime I hope to get on the ipad tonight whilst everyone is watching TV and visit all your blogs.


  1. Thanks again Helen, for sharing your days with us through your posts.
    Good luck to your daughter in her next stage of life.
    I thought our garden reptiles were tame...but we haven't reached the stage of being able to feed them yet!

  2. You have taken some great pictures!!! teehee I've fallen behind again??!!


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