Thursday, 27 December 2012

Days 353 to 362/366

We are getting near the end of our challenge and I have obviously lost count of which day is which.  I think I have the correct days now... better late than never.

Day 353

My home baked Christmas gifts of Almond Shortbread and Mini Christmas cakes.

Day 354

Here I am at the office of one of my clients with my basket of goodies.

Day 355

This was an unusual sight this afternoon.  The hang glider was soaring above the ocean on the right, but then swung inland and flew above me with a cheery wave.

Day 356

My craft group had it's Christmas night out last night and we swapped our Secret Santa gifts.  I was lucky enough to receive this little gnome and his garden,  made by my talented, creative and very dear friend, Mary.

Day 357

This is the best crop of tomatoes we have ever had.  My daughter made a delicious pasta sauce with a few kilos and we still have lots more on the bushes to pick.  Soon we will have an abundance of cucumbers....I think we will be giving a lot away.

Day 358

Coco took a much more mature approach to the Christmas tree this year.  Last year she raced up and down the tree, creating havoc, this year she decided to sleep in it.  As you can see, she was not impressed to be woken up with the camera flash.

Day 359

I bought this ornament last year in honour of my daughter's performances the Christmas ballet, The Nutcracker.

 Day 360

Merry Christmas everyone.  I wish you peace and happiness.

Day 361

A much cooler day and perfect to do some quilting on the baby's quilt.  The baby arrived on day 358, a few days early, so I really want to get the quilt finished.

Day 362

In the mail today - photos and letters from the children we sponsor through the KCC Slum Project.  My step daughter spent 3 months working with the project in Kenya, during her gap year in 2009.


  1. A belated Christmas greetings to you and your family Helen. As always, enjoy your weekly dose of photos and catching up with your news.

  2. Great pictures!! Merry Christmas to you!!

  3. Happy New Year to you Helen :)
    What a fun challenging year we've had this year... thankyou so much for joining me :-)
    I've enjoyed visiting when I could to view your photos...always interesting and fantastic! ..and great getting to know you a little better this year.
    Robyn xx


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