Sunday, 6 May 2012

Days 121 -128/366

Another big post today, I think this works best for me.  So here we go....

Day 121/366

I pass this gorgeous Tree Dalhia on one of my morning walk routes.  It is very tall - I am on tippy toes to capture this shot -  the bees were very busy in the flowers and it was only 6.45am

Day 122/366

Here is my new car.  We are downsizing now the kids are all grown up, no need for the big family car anymore:( It's cute, easy to park and it's my favourite colour:)

Day 123/366

 A playground near our place.  I love the colours!

Day 124/366

Not sure if this is a Coleus plant as the leaves are not furry, but I just love the colours and how every leaf on the one plant is different.

Day 125/366

It has been a while since Coco graced my blog.  This morning she was very smoochy as I was getting ready for work. When I was ready I found her purring on the back of the lounge in a patch of sunlight.  Cats know where to find the best resting places!

Day 126/366

It's my birthday today and it's Saturday so I don't have to go to work, whoo hoo!  My darling hubby prepared a special breakfast and my daughter had decorated my dining chair with streamers when she came home late..with assistance from Coco of course. 

Day 127/366

If you look closely there's a bird on our bird bath - it's a Cat Bird.  It has a really weird call which sounds like a cat having it's tail stood on (yes, strange but true!).  It stayed on the bird bath for ages, watching me, but not scared at all.


  1. They are all great pictures!! I need to catch up too!!

  2. I only discovered tree dahlias last year...on my daily walk! I photographed one only last weekend too, at an open garden. I think they are amazing plants.
    I particularly love the shot in the playground.
    And, like Tangos Treasurers, wish you a belated happy birthday Helen!


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