Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Days 135 - 143/366

Well, it was one of "those weeks" last week so apologies for my late post which is coming to you from the comfort of my bed as I am now home with a nasty cold.  I am taking advantage the situation to get up to date with my photos and do a bit of computer housekeeping.
I did not get the chance to take a photo everyday due to the week's events, so I have shared a couple of my spare photos from other days.

Day 135/366

Our magpie family babies are growing up and getting more adventurous.  I came home briefly between clients to pick up some paperwork and found these two birds skidding around on our glass outdoor table, they also used the cane chair backs to clean their beaks!  They were not at all worried about me taking a photo and I did not use the zoom, I was that close.

This is a close up of a glass plate that was made by one of my husband's clients.

Day 137/366

On Wed and Thurs I work in a very basic office with not much to see other than the brick walls so there are very limited photo opportunities.  The business I work for wholesales children's toys amongst other things, but I rarely get to see them as the warehouse is in another state.  Today we did get a Snoopy inflatable in the mail - not sure why - but I took a shot and then made a negative image just for fun!

Day 138/366

A work-in-progress.  This is the quilt for one of the ladies in my sewing group who will be having a special "0" birthday this August this year.  We have all made 5 blocks each using the quilt-as-you-go method to make this quilt.  It is now resting a while at my place as I have volunteered with another lady to do the binding...I am a bit of a procrastinator so I will have to get my act together to make sure it is done

Day 139/366

This is one of my "spare" shots as I got home from work too late to take a photo.  Picassa was being a bit uncooperative and wouldn't let me edit the photo.

Day 140/366

Now the weather is cooling off the Poinsettia trees are flowering everywhere.

Day 141/366

My husband is an avid fisherman and right now he is obsessed with beach fishing.  So at every opportunity he disappears to his not-so-secret fishing spot.  Early on Sunday morning I decided to join him and had a great beach walk with lots of beach combing.  I spotted this toadstool/mushroom growing in the sand, something I have never seen before.
And for the record, this is the only thing my husband caught... a Shovel Nose Shark or Ray.  We threw it back but it took a while before it got the idea of heading out to sea instead of swimming back to shore :)

Day 142/366

I started the day with a tickly throat and ended up coming home early from work with a full blown head cold.  The tissue box is my best friend now!

Day 143/366

 Someone's pleased I'm home. Coco is quite a small cat when she is on four legs, but she can stretch out to a great length when snoozing on the bed :)


  1. Great pictures!!!! Hope ur feeling better soon!!

  2. Helen, hope you're back on your feet real soon.
    I think magpies, once befriended, make loyal 'friends'. When you get a flock of them their bird song can be amazing - especially at dawn.
    Your poinsettia tree photo certainly evokes a sense of height.
    I agree that the work environment provides limited photo opportunities but you still managed an interesting image - something certainly not found in mine!

  3. Oh cute Coco, reminds me so of my kitty, Kato :)
    I think you're doing so well with our challenge and I'm loving your photos!!
    Do take care and get better really soon.. and get plenty of rest.

    Thanks heaps for all of your encouraging comments Helen xxx

  4. Passing by again and checking up you to see how you're going... hope you're over your flu xx


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