Monday, 14 May 2012

Days 129 to 134/366

Day 129/366

A very chilly sunrise on my morning walk. The swell was rising and this set of waves was thundering against the rocks

Day 130/366

Another cold morning walk with the moon setting over a Norfolk Pine Tree. We are having some beautiful weather!

Day 131/366

It's a bit hard to see, but there is steam rising from the washing I had just hung out under our verandah.  It looked amazing curling up into the air, but was a bit difficult to capture with my camera.

Day 132/366

A dear friend bought me this beautiful glass bauble a few years ago and it hangs near my bedroom window. 

Day 133/366

I spotted this cloud and thought it looked like it had a nose in the middle.

Day 134/366

Two photos today.  I ended the day wandering along the beach whilst my hubby did some fishing.  The ocean was so warm.  I took lots of photos and had a giggle when I spotted this perfect pair of seagull footprints in the sand.  I don't think the seagull in the photo is the owner of the footprints but it looked so tranquil at the water's edge with the sunset reflected in the water.


  1. Wow!! Great shots!!! I see the steam on the jeans & the nose!! Love it!!

  2. Enjoying your photos Helen. Great composition in your seagull photo.

  3. Such great photos Helen!
    Yes the seagull and composition... love it and the feet in the sand.
    The glass bauble... stunning!!
    The sunrise and the steaming jeans... fantastic!

    Keep up the great work. Love it all!
    I need to get snapping again :p


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