Monday, 28 May 2012

Days 144 - 149/366

Thank you all for your kind "Get Well" wishes, I am feeling much better now. I missed Day 144 unfortunately, but here are the rest of my week's efforts :)

Day 145/366

We are getting ready for a party!  My daughter was 18 a couple of weeks ago and tomorrow is her party night.  I baked 30 chocolate cupcakes tonight in readiness.

Day 146/366

The birthday girl and her cupcake creation - she and her friend decorated them with sugar and chocolate hearts.  I thought I would play around with a focal black and white effect on Picasa, just for fun.  The party was a great success - what a relief!

Day 147/366

I  apologise sincerely for this terrible photo.  I have blurred the edges to make the real blurriness less obvious.  I am not sure what I was thinking when I took it, but blame it on lack of sleep! (see Party above).  This is my Mum's 70th Birthday quilt and I am at the attaching-the-borders stage.  I laid it out on the floor, took this shot and promptly packed it up again - no time today :(

Day 148/366

 Another sign that winter is on it's way, our  Zygocactus have started flowering.

Day 149/366

I work from home and also at my various client's workplaces, so my office has a dual purpose as my creative space as well.  This is the noticeboard on my right.  Amongst the bits and bobs there is a list of 33 ways to stay creative.  The last suggestion is "Finish Something"....I must get around to doing that soon! :)


  1. Happy Birthday to your DD!!

    Love the pictures!!

  2. Nice to catch have been busy. Nothing worse than feeling under the weather when there's so much to be done.
    I love the focal effect on the cupcakes with your daughter.
    Your cactus flower is gorgeous, mine have not been as spectacular this year...I'm guessing the inundations have not helped at all.
    Your mum is so lucky...beautiful quilt work.

  3. I've enjoyed looking at all your photos - that quilt must have been beautiful!! The "fish" from the beach - wow - what a strange creature! Your daughter is beautiful and the cupcakes look awesome!! Glad you are feeling better :)


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