Sunday, 17 June 2012

Days 163-168/366

Day 163/366

Slip stitching the binding to the special '0' quilt.

Day 164/366

I debated whether this was in good taste, so please accept my sincere apology if you find this a bit offensive.  This is my feet having some acupuncture.  My husband is an Acupuncturist and I was lucky to "pin him down" to giving me a treatment in between his patients.

Day 165/366

It was a very chilly morning and Coco got up, had her breakfast and went straight back to bed on her favourite blanket  :)

Day 166/366

This one's for you Sweet Pea!  Another neglected fan in the warehouse of my Wed/Thurs workplace. 

Days 167 - 168/366

Disaster has struck camera has broken!  That's 2 this year :(  Admittedly both cameras were on their way out, but after seeking some advice from the local camera shop neither is worth the high cost of repairing.  So I am not sure what to do at the moment.  I have sweet talked my daughter into borrowing hers, but as the most recent one to break was her old camera, perhaps that is not a good idea.  Stay tuned....


  1. Thanks Helen! What a great fan-casing shot. I think this one could be up cycled into a hanging basket for the garden. What do you think?
    Also...perhaps cats teach by example?
    And my husband is a painter and decorator by trade and yes it's hard to get him to brush up the paint work around the house. But I think having an acupuncturist as a partner must be really hard. The house only needs painting every 10 years or so! Hope your feeling better after your treatment.
    Hope the universe showers you with some great photographic equipment really soon.

  2. Great pictures!!! Cool on having your own acupuncturist!!!


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