Sunday, 10 June 2012

Days 156 - 162/366

Here are some things that caught my eye this week;

Day 156/366

This week starts with an ocean shot and ends with an ocean shot. 
It's been a bit too cold to get up early for a morning walk, so I have had a few afternoon walks.  Today I could hear the rumbling of thunder and when I rounded the headland saw a perfect fork of lightening from a blue/black cloud ahead. What a great photo opportunity I thought and then stood there for 20 mins, finger hopefully poised on the shutter....nothing.  So here it is -  a storm cloud.  I made it home just before the rain started :)

Day 157/366

I love buttons!  Here's just a few that are in my button box.

 Day 158/366

This is the filter in an empty water dispenser in my Wednesday office.  The photo wasn't the best quality as it showed all the scratches on the plastic tank, so I used a bit of Picasa editing with the Pencil Sketch option to make it more interesting.

Day 159/366

You can probably tell I am struggling for interesting subjects on Wednesdays and's today's offering - a rusty fan :)

Day 160/366

Two views of one of the many  Bromeliads that we have around the garden.  

Day 161/366

Not sure what this plant is but I spotted the first little floweret on this spray of buds.

Day 162/366

A cold and blustery Sunday.  I ventured out with my hubby again to his special fishing spot.  We have had a week of king tides and huge surf so the sea has thrown back lots of logs and trees on the beach. 


  1. Hi there Helen, nothing un-interesting about your photos! Love the variety, the textures, the lines and the shapes. I'm a sucker for button collections so that is my favourite. Also love the rusty fan...I have saved old fans from the rubbish tip because I love this shape and I am convinced that there's something I can make with them...still thinking...
    And hasn't the weather been atrocious? Which I think has forced us to push the boundaries in this challenge!

  2. Oh I do agree... these are great photos Helen.
    I understand though, cause I'm feeling that my own are rather boring... must be the dull weather making us feel that way! Come on sunshine :)
    I know what you mena about waiting for the lightning... this always happens to me with animals and people and birds! Nice storm clouds ;)
    I really like the fan photo... at first I was thinking it was an egg in a spiders Rather intriguing when you don't know what it is at first.. I like those sorts of photos!
    Your bromeliads are so pretty and make lovely photos!
    Thankyou for all of your wonderful comments xx


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