Sunday, 3 June 2012

Days 150 -155/366

A Hit 'n' Miss kind of week - some photos OK and some not, but here they are anyway :)

Day 150/366

This one's a "miss".   I had a very late afternoon walk and saw the last of the day's light ahead.  Using the camera's preset Dusk/Dawn setting, it magnified my camera shake.

Day 151/366

This was taken on my morning walk.  I don't know what the plant is but it looks a bit like a Tomato.  It doesn't look like the Possums or other creatures like it so perhaps it's poisonous.

Day 152/366

The framework of a portable shelter.

Day 153/366

The first official day of Winter and we are having a log fire :)

Day 154/366

The month of May was lovely, sunny days and cool nights but now the rain has returned.

Day 155/366

This rusted teapot is home to a cactus.  I just love the colours of the rust


  1. Helen, just love this lot of photos you have taken. An inspiring collection. I especially like the lines of the shelter, the globular water drops and the rusty teapot.
    The tomato like fruit is intriguing and does make you wonder about its potency if even the wild life don't touch it.
    Looking forward to seeing more...

  2. Hit and miss weeks are good too Helen :)
    I do like the 1st one, as I can see what you were looking at.
    Actually all interesting photos... the tomato type one looks as though the edge of the tomato is illuminated :)
    Have a great week this week too.

    Thanks for passing by and for all of your comments... they're always thoughful and helpful!
    By the way, love the rusty teapot!


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