Monday, 10 September 2012

Days 246 to 252/366

Day 246/366

This isn't the best photo of a Rainbow Lorrikeet but as they are proving to be quite elusive subjects for me,  it will have to do.   They are extra noisy at the moment as their thoughts turn to finding a mate.  They  make such a racket in our flowering trees at home. 

Day 247/366

The contrast of the smooth bump and the rippling bark caught my eye.

Day 248/366

This is a Strangler Fig in a small rainforest area that we pass through on our walk to the beach.

Day 249/366

The sand has shifted again on "our" beach and has revealed a wonderful array of shells and pebbles.

Day 250/366

Our garden is full of surprises and I love to do the rounds to see what's in bloom each week.  I spotted these Pink Rock Orchids hiding amongst the Bromeliads.

Day 251/366

Day 252/366

My friend and I took time out from the housework to take a trip to Kempsey to the Macleay Quilters Inc exhibition.  It was such a treat to see the beautiful quilts, have a delicious lunch and make a little purchase of a pincushion pattern.  This quilt in the cafe area caught my eye , it has 118 different fabrics and the tiniest of pieces.


  1. Such amazing pictures!! The smooth belly tree looks as if the tree is pregnant! It is the most amazing picture I've seen all year! BEautiful! WOW!!

  2. Helen I love your 'nature' photographs. And your final photo of the quilt reminds me of the ocean.


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