Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Days 261-267/366

Day 261

The Frangipani trees are showing signs of waking up after winter.  There are tiny leaves at the tips of the finger like branches.

Day 262

Day 263

Putting on a few more borders.

Day 264

Day 265

I love this plant! It's a Brunfelsia or Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow. 

Day 266

A cheeky little Pee Wee kept me company whilst I hung out the washing.

Day 267

It was our Wedding Anniversary today. We spent a couple of hours on the beach in the late afternoon, hubby was fishing and I went for a walk, taking lots of photos.  Here's a few...

This last shot was taken whilst we were heading home.  We were sitting in our car on the vehicular ferry that crosses our local river.  The setting sun was glowing through the window of the operators booth.


  1. Once again, your photos showcase your days beautifully, giving the reader an insight into your activities and your environment.
    Your embroideries are amazing...you must have a lot of patience!
    I found your 'beach' shots especially appealing. Congratulations on your anniversary. xxx

  2. Beautiful pictures!! Happy Anniversary!!

  3. Great photos as always Helen. Love your stitcheries and the cheeky pee wee.
    Happy Anniversary :-)


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