Sunday, 2 September 2012

Grab a cuppa, I've got lots to share!

I'm back and eager to share with you the photos I have taken over the last 3 weeks. You probably should make that cuppa and sit down, it's going to take a while :)

Days 226 - 232/366

Day 226

Spring is in the air!  I wasn't "shooting from the hip" but rather from the ankle as I held the camera low to take a photo up our steep street.

Day 227

Sunrise on my favourite windswept tree, with hubby in the background looking for whales.

Day 228

Birthday quilt time at our craft group ( minus one member ).  The birthday girl is 2nd from left and I am in the middle.

Day 229

Ah, Jasmine, it's one of those nostalgia flowers for me.  One whiff and I'm 14 again at my friend's place getting ready for our first school disco - her front verandah was covered in Jasmine :)

Day 231

This is a much better photo of our Camellia than one I posted previously.

Day 232

We got the suitcases down to start packing for our holiday and found a hitch hiker.  I think Coco knows there is something afoot.


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