Monday, 17 September 2012

Days 253 - 260/366

Day 253/366

I spotted this rusting old concrete mixer when we were buying some garden soil.  Photo taken on my mobile phone.

Day 254/366

We have refreshed our vegie patch with more soil and compost.   It's looking good with new plantings of snowpeas, lettuces, beans and tomatoes.

Day 255/366

This is my mammoth UFO.  I still have quite a lot of embroidery to go on the blocks, but thought I would piece a border or too to re inspire me to finish this quilt.

Day 256/366

More interesting bark.

Day 257/366

Our Lime Tree is full of blossoms and tiny little fruits. The perfume is divine :)

Day 258/366

The gorgeous pom pom flowers and raspberry-like buds of the Calliandra at the side of our house.

Day 259/366

Sunset on the Northern Breakwall.

Day 260/366

The maiden voyage of our kayak on the Wilson River at Telegraph Point.


  1. Love all these photos Helen. A nice 'story' about your week.
    Your last photo makes me feel as if I'm right there in that kayak. Enjoy.

  2. Great pictures!! I'm playing catch up!!


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