Sunday, 21 October 2012

Days 292-295/366

Day 292

It was a really low tide this afternoon, so we decided to have another walk down to the rockpools.  I have tweaked the colours of this starfish just a bit ;)

Day 293

Another afternoon walk after a long day of sitting at the computer.  Do you think this rock looks like a man's head in profile?

Day 294

Last night a neighbourhood dog chased Coco and she raced up one of our big trees.  I think she shocked herself at how high she was.  She has been very clingy today, not letting us out of her sight.  Here she is enjoying the sun next to the Buddha statue.

Day 295

This plump Blue Tongue Lizard was just snacking on a fallen Avocado from our tree.  We have had many of these lovely creatures in the past, even one who would run up for a treat of banana (which must taste heavenly after the usual diet of snails!). My husband also had to rescue two amorous Blue Tongues who fell into our pool whilst wooing each other :) 


  1. Nice pictures!! I love the color tweaking on the starfish, yes I see the man's profile, Awww poor Coco, great save on the lizards!!

  2. I like the tweaking on the starfish too and the rock definitely looks like a mans head!
    Clever find.
    Cute Coco... So glad she is ok.
    The blueys are wonderful aren't they!?
    More great pics Helen :)


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