Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Days 268-274/366

Day 268

I made this "Mug Rug" for a friend who loves Keith Urban.

Day 269

I spotted this little fellow sitting on the grass verge next to one of my clients' workplaces.  I was heading out to get a coffee, but dashed back to grab my camera after seeing the rabbit scamper under the fence. 

Day 270

My daughter and I had an Artists Date (see Julia Cameron's "The Artist's Way") to our local Gallery to see 3 different exhibitions.  The top two photos are from The Cicada and The Honey Ant
and the last photo is from Northern Exposure II an exhibition of 50 local artists.

Day 271

Sushi Train!!

Day 272

Another wildlife shot...we were stuck in traffic and had the pleasure of watching this large family waddle along the side of the road.  I counted 15 babies and 2 harassed parents. - Dad is out of shot bringing up the rear.

Day 273

Day 274

I was inspired by Sweet Pea's teacup post  to post a photo of my favourite teacup.  Somehow I have created a ritual of using it on Sunday mornings.  It was part of a dinner set given to my parents as a wedding present. 


  1. Great shots!! Love the quilted cup in the mug rug.Bunny is adorable, cool art & I want some of the sushi!! I bet the ducks were comical!! Beautiful flower & cup!!

  2. Keith Urban's a cutie isn't he? Although I'd never heard of him until he met Nicole!
    All that wild life...what a great part of the world you live in!
    Your 'trio' has a very classical look to it, I love the colours and the pattern. I'm sure you treasure it since it has family history. Did other siblings get their own pieces too? Does the rest of the dinner set survive?
    Most of our family heirlooms come from hubby's side of the family.

    1. I must confess that I hadn't heard of Keith either but I really grew to like him when he was a judge on that singing show (the name escapes me at the moment!)
      There are few pieces of the dinner set left that I am lucky to have. As the rest of the family are not that sentimental, I have become the custodian of all these family treasures eg old photos, china etc. I have a desk made for my Grandfather on his retirement that I had to rescue as my mother (his daughter) was going to throw it out!

    2. Helen, I think Australians are apt to 'throw away' what might in the future be considered an heirloom, simply because our country's history is so young (as are the heirlooms). But we've got to start somewhere don't we so good on you. Hopefully your children will be more open to preserving your family's treasures.


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