Sunday, 7 October 2012

Days 275 -281/366

Day 275

I visited the Camden Haven Quilters exhibition with some friends.  I was very taken with the quilting on this log cabin quilt.

Day 276

Cutting out some scrappy patches for my UFO

Day 277

Baby bananas.

Day 278

The mornings are quite smokey from back burning for bushfire prevention.

Day 279

Driving home from work, there was a vivid red sunset.  This was the best I could do with my mobile phone.

Day 280

Ho hum, I had too much housework to do so didn't get a chance to take a photo.  Here's another quilt from the Camden Haven Quilters to enjoy instead.

Day 281

It's blowing a gale today but this little fellow was quite snug on the lower limb of the tree in our street.


  1. Helen, your weeks always look like fun with lots happening. Once again, your koala picture thrills me...I'm yet to see a koala in the wild. (Although we did spot one hanging out of a tree inspecting road works on the Great Ocean Road. We couldn't stop because of the road works!)
    You are lucky too, to grow such a beautiful show of bananas.

    1. Hi Sweet Pea,
      We did a trip along part of the Great Ocean Rd and I remember seeing quite a few Koalas hanging out of trees over the road.
      At home we can go weeks, even months without seeing a Koala so it is such a thrill to see one. When I have my daily walks I spend much of my time looking up into the trees trying to spot them, which is probably the cause of all my neck problems!
      I wish the bananas were ours but they are actually at the front of a house we pass on our morning walk. All the maroon petals have fallen off the bunch and there looks to be about 60 to 70 little bananas on the tree. Just got to hope our resident Flying Fox population don't find them. :)

  2. Hi Helen :o)
    Wow, some gorgeous quilts and fabric. I do like the quilting on the LC also.
    Pretty red sunset... how did you fare with the fires? Were they 'too' near to you?
    I haven't seen such baby bananas before... I like the way those maroon petals were protecting them.
    ..and I do agree, what a cute little fella in the tree xx Another great week of photos! Can you believe our challenge year is going by so quickly?


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