Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Days 282 - 291/366

Day 282

In the real world I am a Bookkeeper and have to do a number of hours training every year in order to retain my registration for doing some taxation things.  Here I am about to "attend" a webinar which is an online seminar.  The beauty of these is that I can train from the comfort of home and they can't see me, so I can wear what I like (slippers on my feet!) and have those same slippered feet up on the desk whilst sipping a cup of tea! 

Day 283

A while ago we decided to try to have one meat-free meal a week inspired by the Meat Free Monday campaign. We got a bit lazy and forgot all about it, but this week I was determined to give it a go again, but it was a Meat-Free Tuesday instead.  Here are some Kumara and Chick Pea Patties sizzling in the pan.

Day 284

Just how many electrical cords does one man need?  Spotted in my client's shed!

Day 285

It was felt quite eerie on our morning walk today.  The sky was heavy with a blanket of thick grey cloud.  The sun broke through momentarily and lucky for me I had my camera!

Day 286

An afternoon walk into town via our famous breakwall.  The rocks are canvasses for all kinds of art and commentary.

As we returned from our walk we saw a mother and baby whale just off the beach.  They were having a lovely time throwing themselves out of the water and "waving" to us with their fins.  I know my little camera is not capable of capturing a great photo of them, but I just wanted to show you that they were there :)

Day 287

We had some noisy visitors in our tree today.  Four Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoos spent some time ripping off the bark of our tree .  We usually only see them once a year in the tree, but their distinctive call can be heard often and is considered to be a sign that rain is on the way.  Sadly for us no rain came.

Day 288

We are watering our garden with rain stored in our water tank as it is so dry at the moment.  I spotted these baby fern fronds in our Birds Nest Fern.

Day 289

No photo today :(  I spent most of the day on the phone to the Tax Office trying to sort out a software problem.  After 6 calls to 6 different people (who were all very nice) and reinstalling the software 6 times, I lost any inspiration for photography!  The problem still hasn't been sorted, but my issue has now been "escalated" to a Level 2 lets hope that makes all the difference :)

Day 290

The smoke in the atmosphere from back burning made this red sunrise quite spectacular.

Day 291

We have flowers on our Snow Pea plants :)  And my software problem was finally resolved by the tax office computer boffins, hooray!


  1. Don't we just live in a beautiful world? Once more I've enjoyed your 'week' of photos and the variety you've showcased. I particularly like your sunrise over sea. And maybe - sometimes, graffiti has a place?


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